Coloud, the new name in music.

SKU: 40903

Let us introduce you to Coloud, the new name in music. Coloud is based on collaborations with the strongest names and symbols in entertainment and merchandizing. They turn brands into sound. Their cords transfer visual life from any music player you choose to plug into. They are in the business of creating function, value, design and quality. We make headphones that endure, enrich and extend your lifelong music experience.

Coloud makes it show, and more. A Coloud headphone is recognized through its fine-tuned ergonomics, design, graphics and the triangular plug. The plug is our sign of approval saying this products holds high ambitions in quality and style. The C19M model is a thoroughly tested model proven to work fantastically. It's an in-ear headphone with a neutral sound and a custom fit. The C19 comes with S, M and L replacement silicone caps for a custom fit. 

  • Microphone/remote function so you can answer those calls that come in and interrupt the sound of music in your ears Remote skips pauses, and replays tracks on MP3
  • Click remote once, pauses song Click remote twice- skips track, click remote 3x's starts song over
  • Very clean sound.
  • Designed in Sweden